I am a visual person – I see the world in pictures.  I like to “see” the future, the vision, if you will, before I take the plunge.  It has to make sense and once it does and I have clarity of vision; the vision becomes puzzle pieces in my brain.  I immediately want to “work” the vision into a plan, organize it and execute.  This relentless mental exercise has me constantly engaging in putting the “puzzle pieces” together in my mind; working and reworking it until the plan is executed.   If a detour presents itself, my brain goes to work to “rearrange” the puzzle pieces until they fit.   

To me life is the master puzzle – I take great pleasure in all the things I “see”.  I’m most intrigued with faces and what they reveal.   A passion for portrait photography grants me opportunities to be a study of human faces and all that they represent; noses, wrinkles, life lines, chins, scars and eyes.     Being a photographer and an introvert, by nature, has opened a gateway to “see”, to listen and to study – humanity.  The eyes – windows to the soul – indeed, reflections of paths and journeys taken and perhaps, not taken.  Reflections exposed that tongues could or would never express to those who are watching.

puzzled me” was created as an avenue to explore the many puzzles pieces that formulate the master puzzle.


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